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bbTracker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Who is baconbuttie ?
Baconbuttie (aka Tony) is a self-employed network consultant living in the Forest-of-Dean in Gloucestershire, England. Recently employed as a web application developer (the less said about that the better !), he has been providing eBay®-related tools to members for a few years now and intends to do so for a while to come.
What is the bbTracker ?
bbTracker is an all-in-one eBay auction counter and visitor analysis tool. Conventional "counters" only give you the most basic information about your visitors, but now you can have much more detailed information and stats. The IP address, the time and date of the visit, where the visitor came from, whether they "watched" your item, the search terms (if any) they used to find your item, and the browser and screen settings they use.
How does it work ?
It's simple. You add a piece of JavaScript to your auction description (whilst in HTML view). This script collects the majority of the information and sends it onto one of our servers where the information is stored and analysed. You then get to see the information once you've logged in.
How much is it ?
In the tradition of baconbuttie, the basic system is free. You get more functionality or fewer restrictions if you've made a donation of US$10 or more. In the case of bbTracker, donate and you lose the 25 item limit on viewing, and you will also be able to take advantage of any new functionality that we build and release. If you've donated in the past, drop us an email with your "baconbuttie tools" ID, or the email address you donated from, and the restrictions will be lifted asap.
Why free ?
Who knows, my accountant doesn't :o)
I have a baconbuttie auction tools login. Will it work for bbTracker ?
No, we have increased the encryption strength of previous systems and allowed 2-way encryption (previous versions meant we could encrypt but not decrypt). So the login is completely separate unfortunately. However, the registration process is automated so there's no waiting for us to process your request. The bbTracker login will serve as the centralised login point for all future applications.
What if I have problems ?
Drop an email to support@baconbuttie.co.uk with the item number and you'll get help as soon as possible.
What sites does bbTracker work on ?
It's primarily designed for the US, UK, CA and AU sites, but you may well find it works on others too. If you are representative of a group of sellers from a particular country that needs development for it to work, let us know and we will see what can be worked out.
How can I donate ?
The baconbuttie tools login page has appropriate links for donating. if you have a login for both systems don't forget to mention this and get your login in both systems upgraded.
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